Sunday, March 15, 2015

Friday the Thirteenth... (March 16, 2015)


TWO new investigators this week, it was a really, really, really good week. They are golden, I'm so excited to see where they go!

Also, on Friday, one of our appointments took considerably less time than expected, so we were standing in the city hall/mall-ish building making a phone call trying to reschedule things for the day, and this random man started speaking to us in English. I just thought he was crazy, but Sister M thinks he was drunk... Anyway, we made our calls and he caught us again as we were trying to exit the building and gave us roses......................... he went back to the flourist to pay for them and we took off down the street as fast as we could. And when we arrived at our investigator's home, I almost took my flower into her home because I thought, it's gonna get stolen. And then I decided I would actually feel better if it was, so I left it in my bike basket, and when I came back out... it was gone! I laughed so hard:)

Pictures: Our beloved District Leader as Harry Potter for our Harry Potter themed District Meeting. Pretty good, eh? Aaaaaand said roses.

Sorry if I didn't email you individually this week, no time... :P

Note: Apparently she attached different pictures than what she describes...

More pictures! Harry Potter DTM and the balloon release in memory of 2011.

Mc Shimai's last Zone Training Meeting! Mom, Elder Piano Guy (Poff) is the blonde boy with glasses. These kids were all in the same district something like five transfers ago, and all ended up in the same zone so they wanted a picture.

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