Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Not A Lot to Say but Happy Still:) (July 27, 2015)

What's up, all? The Luke Sister here, still alive and breathing, so that's good news:) I am so, so, so, so, so happy right now. A week of hellos and goodbyes and changes, but I could not be happier.

One Tuesday, I sent my poor daughter Sister O off to the big ol' world (in the very capable hands of an eleventh transfer sister) to open an area. And then I took a deep breath and was off on my own adventure, called, find the mission office while traveling in a tri-panionship of sisters who have never travelled to the mission office before. And a meeting to learn to train (again). And the airport (again). And... Met my new companion!!! Sister M is a doll, my word, I am so blessed.

Pretty sure she is teaching me more than I'm teaching her, she is incredible. Haha my only advantage is the language, thank you parents:) I can tell this will be a great transfer, I am very excited:) She is fearless and full of faith, and she inspires me to be better. I am very, very blessed indeed.

For those who are curious, yes, I did see Sister Y at the airport and the orientation, which was a mini miracle and mercy of the Lord. This mission just gained a lot of warriors, lemme tell ya.

I dunno. I'm just really happy right now. There are scary things, but I know that it will all be okay.

I love you:)


Picture: Sister M, myself, Sister Y, and her companion, Sister C. Sisters in Zion:)

Bonus photos:

Newly arrived missionaries with their trainers at the Sendai Airport. July 21, 2015.

Newly arrived missionaries with their trainers at the Sendai Mission Home. July 22, 2015.

I think this is at a training meeting for new Zone Leaders (and District Leaders, maybe?) and Sister Training Leaders, at the Sendai Mission Home. July 23, 2015.

Second coming?

Tried to take a picture with the cool clouds... Didn't work too well. But helmets are always good fun.


A happy missionary

Working hard, as usual... PI family, cutest girls. The rope turner is Usui S, my 石巻 mom:)

A pancaake party from a while back.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Five Thoughts of a Fifth Transfer Missionary (July 20, 2015)

1) De ja vu... Tomorrow night, I'mma mosey on over to the Sendai airport to welcome the newest addition to my dendo family tree. The airport and I can't seem to stay apart for more than 12 weeks... (for those missionaries who think The First 12 Weeks are long, try the First 30 Weeks. Hahaha I will be very well trained, no?) True to my nature, this companion is American (no it's not Sister Y). Wish me luck, and send me prayers?

2) I'M STAYING IN ISHINOMAKI!!! For the fifth transfer running. To my knowledge, this is the longest any missionary who is still in the field has stayed in one area. I'm pretty happy:)

3) Hooooooow did I get so old? Fifth transfer is basically a grown-up! Mission time seriously goes SO fast, someone slow it dooooooown...

4) My theme scripture for this transfer (I pick a phrase as my theme each transfer. Past themes: The Field is White, I Did Boldly Testify, According to the Faith Which is in Us.) And this transfer's theme is... *drumroll* ALMA 26:12! "In His strength, I can do all things." The one thing I love is that I pick my themes before the transfer call comes, and they are always things that end up helping me. I have a lot of different responsibilities this transfer with an American bean and the changes going on in the mission, but I know that God knows that I can do it, so with His help, I can.

5) Jesus Christ is so, so, so, so important. We taught the Plan of Salvation a couple days ago to M and N, and I began to realize that the more I study and the more I learn about our Savior, the stronger my testimony of Him grows. I love Him and He is central to everything that brings us light and joy. I am so happy:)

Yaaay helmets. For some reason Sister O always cuts her chin out of pictures... I'm goNina miss this kid.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Spidermom (July 13, 2015)

Week 11 of the First 12 Week Program for Sister O=SENPAI WEEK! Which means basically my bean acted as senior comp for a week, I am so proud of her:) I am very blessed with a great companion, my word. It was a very low-stress week for me, anyway;)

We had a few hours on Tuesday, so we decided to bike out a ways to visit a less-active member and try to find some prepared people to teach. Being senior comp for the week, Sister O was riding in front of me on a bigger road, and suddenly she raised her right hand. I was confused, but she kept riding so I did, too.

And then she pulled over, and I pulled up next to her.


Sure enough, there was a little baby spider dangling wildly from her handlebars.

I hate spiders.

I hate spiders, but, as a missionary, I do feel some degree of responsibility to take care of my companions, and in this particular case, my companion is not only my companion but also my daughter. So, this little mama drew on what courage I could call upon from th depths of my soul, took of my shoe, and smacked that little spider (all on while balancing on one foot, mind you). The spider swung over into her bike basket............... Whoops.

The scary spider noise began to creep out of my throat as I gingerly scooped that sucker out with the toe of my shoe... and then it was on my shoe which I promptly threw on the ground, which then posed the problem called, "now I don't know where the spider is and I have to put my shoe back on."

It was a week of adventure. I'm also pretty sure I didn't get spider guts on my sock.

It was a good week.

And, Kayo came to church, no big deal;)

Just kidding, BIG DEAL. I can't adequately describe it, but it was my soul was in the clouds and the member we picked out to sit by her was pure gold. This is a happy missionary:)

Picture: Zone Training Meeting!!! During one of the breaks, we were talking, and someone says, whoa, all the Japanese kids gathered. Let's take a picture! So we did. 日本人 (Japanese people) in our zone are there (these?) kids:)

Bonus photos:

I have no idea what this is. A flower arrangement of some sort, obviously, but where? Why?

Rode out a few miles to visit an L.A. Check out that views

Visiting Miyuki from Eikaiwa

We really wanted to get that trash.

Split with K 姉妹 (Sister K)!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Insert Clever Title Here... I'm an Original (July 6, 2015)

What up, all?

Always a good week in Sendai! Although it's officially the rainy season. Fun fact: it's only rained one day since we entered said official rainy season. Other Fun Fact: we are very, very, very blessed.

I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July. I wore a blue shirt and red bow in my hair, shoutout to the Motherland;)

One highlight was teaching Kayo about the Priesthood! (Same lady who came to General Conference.) She wants a blessing at some point, and will be attending church with us this week! Prayers would be appreciated. We haven't technically set a baptismal date with her, but I think August sounds nice. Fun Fact: Her birthday's in August, too. :)

The Priesthood is truly the power of God on the earth today, and I am grateful for the influence of righteous priesthood holders in my life, especially my father and brothers. I know that the Priesthood will bless Kayo's life, too, and am excited for her future (and for the day when her husband receives it and then they are sealed together as an eternal family in the house of the Lord).

Also had a split. What we thought: Sister O and Sister A would be in Ishinomaki, Sister K and I would be in Kamisugi. What Sisters A and K thought: Sisters O and A would be in Kamisugi, Sisters K and L in Ishinomaki. What ended up happening: we met up at Sendai Station, split companionships, and Sister K and I wandered around for a bit.

My thought: well, she's a bean and it's her first transfer in this area, so I guess she doesn't know where we are...?

What she says: Is this the right bus?

Me: What?

Her: To Ishinomaki?

Me: Wait, are you serious?

Her: Uh...

Me: Wait, we're supposed to be Ishinomaki?

Her: I thought so...

Us: Oh, no.

Me: Do you have the cell phone?

Her: No...

Me: Me neither!

*We scramble back to the station to discover that Sisters A and O figured it out about four times faster than us and were waiting for us*

Adentures all around. Figured out where the communication error was, though, so the right people will go the right place from here on out, hopefully:)

Always an adventure. I hope all is well with you! We had an emergency change in plans, but all in all, it worked out well. I know that sometimes, life gets a lil' crazy, but I can promise that everything will always work out in the end. God didn't send us here to wander through Sendai looking for a bus to nowhere, and even if we lose our way, there will always be a solution. There is always hope. There is always love, and life, and all the good things in this life are eternal.

It's a beautiful life. I am so, so, so happy to be alive at this time.

Do me a favor and give someone a hug today, m'kay?

Zunda Milkshakes! I want Mom to try this. It's like heavenly choirs falling asleep on a pillow-cloud of deliciousness on your tongue.

Bonus photos:

Rainy season begins! Sorry, this is the most normal picture I have of us...

The ZLs came for a visit:)

We all see eye to eye with O Shimai

FHE activity, big paintings 

I discover I like finger (and palm and wrist) painting

So does Sister O.

Actually impressed? 

Bowling with Q Abe the Barber and wife last P-day