Sunday, July 12, 2015

Spidermom (July 13, 2015)

Week 11 of the First 12 Week Program for Sister O=SENPAI WEEK! Which means basically my bean acted as senior comp for a week, I am so proud of her:) I am very blessed with a great companion, my word. It was a very low-stress week for me, anyway;)

We had a few hours on Tuesday, so we decided to bike out a ways to visit a less-active member and try to find some prepared people to teach. Being senior comp for the week, Sister O was riding in front of me on a bigger road, and suddenly she raised her right hand. I was confused, but she kept riding so I did, too.

And then she pulled over, and I pulled up next to her.


Sure enough, there was a little baby spider dangling wildly from her handlebars.

I hate spiders.

I hate spiders, but, as a missionary, I do feel some degree of responsibility to take care of my companions, and in this particular case, my companion is not only my companion but also my daughter. So, this little mama drew on what courage I could call upon from th depths of my soul, took of my shoe, and smacked that little spider (all on while balancing on one foot, mind you). The spider swung over into her bike basket............... Whoops.

The scary spider noise began to creep out of my throat as I gingerly scooped that sucker out with the toe of my shoe... and then it was on my shoe which I promptly threw on the ground, which then posed the problem called, "now I don't know where the spider is and I have to put my shoe back on."

It was a week of adventure. I'm also pretty sure I didn't get spider guts on my sock.

It was a good week.

And, Kayo came to church, no big deal;)

Just kidding, BIG DEAL. I can't adequately describe it, but it was my soul was in the clouds and the member we picked out to sit by her was pure gold. This is a happy missionary:)

Picture: Zone Training Meeting!!! During one of the breaks, we were talking, and someone says, whoa, all the Japanese kids gathered. Let's take a picture! So we did. 日本人 (Japanese people) in our zone are there (these?) kids:)

Bonus photos:

I have no idea what this is. A flower arrangement of some sort, obviously, but where? Why?

Rode out a few miles to visit an L.A. Check out that views

Visiting Miyuki from Eikaiwa

We really wanted to get that trash.

Split with K 姉妹 (Sister K)!

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