Sunday, July 19, 2015

Five Thoughts of a Fifth Transfer Missionary (July 20, 2015)

1) De ja vu... Tomorrow night, I'mma mosey on over to the Sendai airport to welcome the newest addition to my dendo family tree. The airport and I can't seem to stay apart for more than 12 weeks... (for those missionaries who think The First 12 Weeks are long, try the First 30 Weeks. Hahaha I will be very well trained, no?) True to my nature, this companion is American (no it's not Sister Y). Wish me luck, and send me prayers?

2) I'M STAYING IN ISHINOMAKI!!! For the fifth transfer running. To my knowledge, this is the longest any missionary who is still in the field has stayed in one area. I'm pretty happy:)

3) Hooooooow did I get so old? Fifth transfer is basically a grown-up! Mission time seriously goes SO fast, someone slow it dooooooown...

4) My theme scripture for this transfer (I pick a phrase as my theme each transfer. Past themes: The Field is White, I Did Boldly Testify, According to the Faith Which is in Us.) And this transfer's theme is... *drumroll* ALMA 26:12! "In His strength, I can do all things." The one thing I love is that I pick my themes before the transfer call comes, and they are always things that end up helping me. I have a lot of different responsibilities this transfer with an American bean and the changes going on in the mission, but I know that God knows that I can do it, so with His help, I can.

5) Jesus Christ is so, so, so, so important. We taught the Plan of Salvation a couple days ago to M and N, and I began to realize that the more I study and the more I learn about our Savior, the stronger my testimony of Him grows. I love Him and He is central to everything that brings us light and joy. I am so happy:)

Yaaay helmets. For some reason Sister O always cuts her chin out of pictures... I'm goNina miss this kid.

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