Monday, July 6, 2015

Insert Clever Title Here... I'm an Original (July 6, 2015)

What up, all?

Always a good week in Sendai! Although it's officially the rainy season. Fun fact: it's only rained one day since we entered said official rainy season. Other Fun Fact: we are very, very, very blessed.

I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July. I wore a blue shirt and red bow in my hair, shoutout to the Motherland;)

One highlight was teaching Kayo about the Priesthood! (Same lady who came to General Conference.) She wants a blessing at some point, and will be attending church with us this week! Prayers would be appreciated. We haven't technically set a baptismal date with her, but I think August sounds nice. Fun Fact: Her birthday's in August, too. :)

The Priesthood is truly the power of God on the earth today, and I am grateful for the influence of righteous priesthood holders in my life, especially my father and brothers. I know that the Priesthood will bless Kayo's life, too, and am excited for her future (and for the day when her husband receives it and then they are sealed together as an eternal family in the house of the Lord).

Also had a split. What we thought: Sister O and Sister A would be in Ishinomaki, Sister K and I would be in Kamisugi. What Sisters A and K thought: Sisters O and A would be in Kamisugi, Sisters K and L in Ishinomaki. What ended up happening: we met up at Sendai Station, split companionships, and Sister K and I wandered around for a bit.

My thought: well, she's a bean and it's her first transfer in this area, so I guess she doesn't know where we are...?

What she says: Is this the right bus?

Me: What?

Her: To Ishinomaki?

Me: Wait, are you serious?

Her: Uh...

Me: Wait, we're supposed to be Ishinomaki?

Her: I thought so...

Us: Oh, no.

Me: Do you have the cell phone?

Her: No...

Me: Me neither!

*We scramble back to the station to discover that Sisters A and O figured it out about four times faster than us and were waiting for us*

Adentures all around. Figured out where the communication error was, though, so the right people will go the right place from here on out, hopefully:)

Always an adventure. I hope all is well with you! We had an emergency change in plans, but all in all, it worked out well. I know that sometimes, life gets a lil' crazy, but I can promise that everything will always work out in the end. God didn't send us here to wander through Sendai looking for a bus to nowhere, and even if we lose our way, there will always be a solution. There is always hope. There is always love, and life, and all the good things in this life are eternal.

It's a beautiful life. I am so, so, so happy to be alive at this time.

Do me a favor and give someone a hug today, m'kay?

Zunda Milkshakes! I want Mom to try this. It's like heavenly choirs falling asleep on a pillow-cloud of deliciousness on your tongue.

Bonus photos:

Rainy season begins! Sorry, this is the most normal picture I have of us...

The ZLs came for a visit:)

We all see eye to eye with O Shimai

FHE activity, big paintings 

I discover I like finger (and palm and wrist) painting

So does Sister O.

Actually impressed? 

Bowling with Q Abe the Barber and wife last P-day

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