Monday, April 20, 2015

My hands are high, my feet are low... (April 20, 2015)

Hey-o, L Luke is back! 

Big news of the week is that Sister T was called back to the Japan Sendai Mission, which means she will NOT be dying next week, and she will NOT be returning to Fukuoka. Translation: not all my friends are dead!!! Yay:) This adds a really, really, really weird dynamic in a lot of ways, but time is short so I'll skip that. In short, I'm pleased, although it also means transfer calls will actually be exciting this time. 

One of my favorite parts of this week was Eikaiwa!!! (English Conversation Class, we put one on once a week as service.) I'll be honest, I kind of, sort of, HATE Eikaiwa. It's way stressful because I want to teach well and the method we have right now... doesn't feel like I'm teaching well. (I've designed questionnaires and brainstormed game ideas and collected opinions, so it's on the up and up, never fear.) I teach the middle level which is hard because etc., etc., etc., but this week was fantastic. Here's why: I was exhausted, Sister T was exhausted, and there was a storm, so only a few students were there at 7:00, which is when we start. So, I said to our District Leader, let's have a game night. Wouldn't that be fun? And then I said the same thing to the whole district and then it kind of happened. We played Down By The Banks with the loser penalty of having to play charades, Wiggalow, and Big Booty, and it was WAY fun and everyone left happy and feeling satisfied. Let's just say I never would have guessed that I would one day play Wiggalow in a church in Japan with a bunch of Japanese English students, the youngest of whom is 45. (Wiggalow is a Girls' Camp-type game where you sing and dance and it's super fun, it's also adorable when you're playing it with a bunch of Japanese people.)

Moral of the story: If you're tired, and you have something terrible at the end of a long day, make the best of it. Not exactly lemonade from lemons, but, I do hope you dance:) 

Pictures: Sister T and I today; we went to Matsushima with the district for Preparation Day. Which, incidentally, is also why I probably won't reply to most of the emails that I received this week, which I would like to apologize for, because it means a lot to me when people email me. But such is life, I'll catch you next time:) And, Sister B and I--Sister T went to Izumi for a split, so Sister B and I worked in Ishinomaki together. Sister B is a third transfer missionary, and I'm second transfer, so... talk about the blind leading the blind. But miracles were seen and lives were touched, candy was given to children (well, one child, anyway), sakura trees sat under and testimonies born. Of such is the kingdom, eh?

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