Monday, September 28, 2015

no subject (September 28, 2015)

I'm alive and well, but don't feel like sending a mass email today, so I won't unless there's extra time later. I am happy and well, we got a new investigator yesterday!!! I love Nagamachi ward, everyone is so sweet and nice. Here's some pictures:) Also an elder I was at the MTC with is on my email list 'cause he asked me to add him (which is funny, I only talked to the kid like once but I figured whatever), and he loves drawing anime-ish characters, he's serving in Tokyo, but he found out it was my birthday from my email and drew me a picture. I like it so I will send it to you, too:)

I wish I was as adorable as his drawing, but we can't all be anime characters. Our new investigator also drew me an anime picture, but she is actually a legit illustrator, which is way cool. Referred by the elders in my district, bless them.

What is this? The yard of some member or friend, apparently, but I'm not sure why she sent it. Other than, holy bonsai, Batman, that's a really impressive collection.


Bonus photos:



Split to Aizuwakamatsu:)

It was a most excellent split with Ibata S.

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