Wednesday, October 28, 2015

(October 26, 2015)

I don't feel like writing a group email today, so just you two:) Partly because I'm lazy, partly because I've been working on being focused in Nagamachi, which actually makes my life loads easier. Please read the talk called, The Fourth Missionary. It's so good! I think it is less for missionaries and more for disciples of Christ. I got the packages, thank you so much! I'll send Obaachan a card today to tell her thanks, too. Life's been so busy, but good.


But Zone Taikai was good! I gave a training on faith, and I think it went well. I used a たとえ (example) about semiconductors, tip my hat to daddy-o:) I said that we need to be fully conductive missionaries, because if we are non-conductive or semiconductive, we can't be fully effective instruments in the hands of the Lord.

Love you! I got Dan's yearbook picture, he looks good!!! 

Picture: Muffins with the girls before Zone Conference:) We got Sisters 小西、黒田、西山、Carr, Burkhart, Qureshi, and Oldroyd, along with yours truly;)

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