Sunday, November 29, 2015

Another Daily Miracle (November 30, 2015)

Hey look, my mission president's wife's birthday! Also my new companion is Japanese, and mission older than me??? We are officially the oldest companionship of sisters in the mission, which is super crazy. Here's a story I shared with my mission president that happened this week:

On Tuesday, we had a lesson with a progressing investigator, and we had an hour of language study before we departed a half hour before our appointment in order to have enough time to arrive without rushing. The language study was crucial because I was with Sister O on Tuesday, and we needed the time to prepare our lesson completely. 
However, as we began our study, it began to rain intensely, hard enough that we wondered if we would be able to ride our bicycles to Endo San's home. We were wary as there had been a time a week previous that we had ridden out to a less active member and had been forced to walk home for over an hour due to the weather conditions, and I knew that if we had to walk, we would not make the appoint, even foregoing the necessary language study time. But then I remembered the story you told of the elders who, with a prayer of faith, witnessed the miracle of the stopping of the rain to visit a less active member. Still more faithless than I ought to be, I did not invite Sister O to join me, but I said a fervent prayer in my heart that if it be His will, that the rain would clear to allow us to meet with this dear sister. 
Although I still did not know how things would play out, I felt that it would be okay, and that if the Lord would stop the rain for the elders, if today was the day we needed to meet with this investigator, he would provide a way for us as well.
As I studied, I kept an ear turned to the window and felt myself begin to smile, because as the hour wore on, the elements calmed. Twenty minutes before our departure, the sound of the wet car tires was also beginning to dim, and when I opened the curtain, the sun was shining, and the pavement was beginning to dry. Although not surprised, I was filled with awe and had it confirmed to me that the Lord cares about each of us.
We rode to Endo San's home in safely, and when she attended church with us on Sunday, all of the topics seemed direted specifically to her needs.
Each day, we are witnessing miracles. K Shimai has a tradition that she has shared with me, and each evening, we find three miracles that we witnessed that day. It has helped my growth immensely, and I learn each day from my wonderful companion.

Sister K's my new companion, and someone I have looked up to since the first time I met her, five transfers ago. Super stoked for a series of miracles this transfer:)

God lives. He loves us. He loves you.

Not to be random, but I'm way stoked for Christmas.

Take care!

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