Sunday, February 14, 2016

Stoooooooop with the Transfer Tears>:( (February 15, 2016)

Hey hey hey! Yep, you guessed it, transfer tears are back. See, if y'all could just stop beijg so darn nice to me, this wouldn't happen.

*sigh.* You called it upon yourself, Nagamachi.

Yes, I leave my beloved long town tonight. Packing, hugs, frantic business-card message writing, tears, what you'd call a normal Luke Shimai transfer is currently underway. I'm leaving my heart once again to grow a new one in 森岡, Morioka, forest-hill. (Although there's no way it's hillier than here, my biking muscles are literally the buffest they've ever been, and coming from someone who never gets buff, hey, that's saying something.)

Morioka is supposed to be like, the prettiest area in the mission, though, so there's that. Although I've heard that mid February in Morioka is comparable to Hokkaido or Russia, so there's that, too:)

Note: The average high temperature in Morioka (actually 盛岡) in February is 37 degrees Fahrenheit; the average low is 23. So it will be colder than Sendai, which has been in the 50s the last few weeks. And the average snowfall in Morioka in February is 29 inches (after 21 inches in December and 34 inches in January), so that will likely be a change. :)

You can see Morioka on the map here.

Good news is, it'll only get warmer from here on out since I'll be landing in the peak of the cold season. Yay? (Actually legitimately excited, my new comp is a boss and I've heard all good things about the area. Sad to leave, stoked to arrive.)

So. lots to do im the mext couple hours, so I'mma peace out here but enjoy some pictures of my last week in Nagamachi!

District Preparation Day! Dodgeball:)

Valentine's Cookies for the district and President and wife

Sendai South Zone Training Meeting 2.0, because the zone's so broad we split into two

Two of my favorite hooligans:)

L is for the way you look at me... 

Happy Valentine's Day! I love God more than I love you 〜! 
Buuuuut I still love you, don't worry;) 
Especially if you're my mom.
Or my dad.
Of to the land of ice and snow! Let the Morioka adventures begin:)


岸姉妹とアンナちゃん大好き!!! (I love Sis. Kishi and Anna!)


(I don't want to leave Nagamachi, but I'm excited for Morioka. I will be companions with a sister named Sis. Satomi. I did an exchange with her my first transfer as STL, and it was fun! At that time she was in her first transfer, but she was the best. She's been out the same amount of time as Sis. Young.)

Also here's the Yamagata side of our zone.

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