Monday, May 25, 2015

Spindly Piece of Nappy (May 25, 2015)


The photo below is what we got from Lisa in her e-mail this week. What on earth could the subject mean? Your guess is as good as mine; it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the photo. My guess is that she wrote a draft e-mail and forgot to insert it when she attached the photo, or something, maybe?

And who are the people in the photo? She must be doing an exchange with another missionary, because the other Sister isn't her companion. Who is the other woman? A church member? Someone they're teaching? Someone from their English class? I don't know. She does look kind of like one of the women in the photo Lisa sent before of them making the long sushi roll (ロングロングのり巻き), but I can't tell for sure.

The big doll thing they're standing next to is "Osatochan," the "image character" for a rest area or "roadside station" in  Ishinomaki.

Other than that... maybe she'll explain more next week?

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