Sunday, May 10, 2015

Still Breathing (March 11, 2015)

Hey y'all!!! Back on the face of the planet. Last week I thought I was gonna die, truth be told, but I'm still breathing, obviously, so all is well:) Being a trainer gets easier every day and even though I'm still clueless, my sweet companion Sister O understands that I'm still learning, bless her. I also came down with a massive headache and she made me rest, which was good because I have a hard time slowing down even when I need it. (I slept 28 hours out of 48, and I'm back on my feet.)

Yesterday (today???) was/is Mother's Day, so a little shoutout to all the moms and future moms, heck, shoutout to all the ladies on this lovely day:) I am so grateful for the influence of righteous women in my life. (By the way, during Skype yesterday I was preparing little gifts for the ladies in our branch for Mother's Day, which is why I had scissors and stuff.)

So. I don't actually have a lot to say except for, things are looking up, I love my district, I love Ishinomaki, I never want to leave. I'm way grateful for the prayers and such, I know I've been receiving a lot of help. Life's not easy, but I feel so, so, so blessed.

And, yeah. I love you all:)

PS, we picked up trash as service. The elders found an investigator during this time.

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