Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Girl Who Can't Be Moved (January 4, 2016)

Transfer Nine, Area two, companion seven, blessings: too many to count.

Good news of the week is, I refuse to transfer. YOU CAN'T GET RID OF ME, NAGAMACHI! I love it too much. :) Other good news is, Sister K and our entire district is also staying.

Not to be a jerk but we're busy today, so rest assured that I am alive and well and blessed and happy, and we rode bikes for forever this week and were healthy and well, so I will call that good and give you a break from my ceaseless chatter;)

Except for the picture explanations. :)

Pictures: Two girls visited our ward, they are sisters. One will head to the Tokyo South Mission in February and the other is waiting on her mission call.

Sister K and I celebrated our good friend Joseph's birthday. Speaking of birthdays, happy birthday to W, J, A, M, L, D, A, R, and anyone else who had a birthday this week, it occurred to me that a lot of people I know get older right around New Years';) Thanks for your love and support and the influence you've had in my life.

And, our Christmas haul. Between my parents, grandparents, the B family from Ginger Creek, her home ward, her other home ward, the ward we're working in, and her family, our apartment is 90% candy and 10% instant curry. No one is complaining. (Except for the elders have a lot of junk too, so no one to give it to... until splits come around again, hahaha!)

Bonus P.S. I asked Lisa what she did for New Year's, and here is her answer:

Visited a small jinja (Shinto shrine), got an omikuji (fortune), 私は吉でした。(My fortune was "lucky") Visited a TON of members and ate a lot of osechi (traditional New Year's food) and ozouni (traditional New Year's soup, which features mochi, a glutinous rice cake), painted half a kokeshi (traditional Japanese wooden doll) that I will give to you at some point in time, and cleaned our apartment. We took out eleven bags of trash this morning and that doesn't include our plastics. But, the elders beat us, partly because they have four people and since the APs live there, a LOT of ending elders live there, they had twenty bags of garbage, hahaha:) Good thing they cleared it out, we're gaining two elders in Nagamachi this transfer! Eight member district:) I'm staying, so I get to be at 田中姉妹's (Sister Tanaka's) baptism, I'm pretty happy:)

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