Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter Begins (January 18, 2016)

No actual letter today, but she sent a few photos!

Endo San said, it's your seijinshiki, amd made us food. She is one of my favorite people ever. (She is also stubborn. I've invited her to be baptized like four times. Well, one of these days, right?:)

(Note: Seijinshiki = 成人式 = "coming of age ceremony." The second Monday of each January is "seijin no hi," the day when traditionally everyone who turns 20 during the year [actually the school year, not calendar year] celebrates officially becoming an adult that year. Typically women dress up in fancy kimonos and everybody attends a [rather boring?] ceremony put on by the government. Since Lisa turned 20 during this school year, she was eligible to attend. I don't know whether she actually went to the ceremony or not.)

Kishi S was having a rough day. Joseph stopped in for a hello.

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