Monday, June 6, 2016

Emergency! (Everybody to get from street!) (June 6, 2016)

First e-mail:

I'm alive! Emergency transferred to Kamisugi... A sister had to go home:(

But way fun! Super busy today, love you!

Note: Kamisugi is near the center of Sendai city, just about three miles north of Nagamachi, which was her area before last, and quite close to the mission office. If you're really interested you can find it on the map here.

Several hours later:

What up! Luke 姉妹 in Sendai!!!

I'm at the apartment, so we will see if it actually does the automatic send thing. If it does, yay! If not... well y'all just read 'er next week. ;)

What a crazy week. Somehow I find myself in the most urban part of the mission on Friday of week four of the transfer with a companion ending in three weeks. All them surprises, eh? KAMISUGI. But, Sister H is someone I'd wanted to serve with ever since I met her, so I count myself very lucky to have her last few weeks here.

One thing I've felt so strongly after sending one of my girls home for the second time in two transfers and then dropping a zone and half a season is the importance of trusting in God. Sister T and I had a rough time since I left her with only a couple weeks of experience in Morioka and a lot of information that probabky fell through the cracks... but I know that if anyone is capable of this, she is. I'm so blessed to have been able to serve with her, and I trust the Lord will guide her and her new companion whereever they are most needed.

Pictures: Two of my favorite Morioka members, Beloved Sister T and I.

Sister H and I are both a little awkward... but we have a good time:) (despite the fact that we have three weeks of Kamisugi experience between the two of us... Laugh.)

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