Sunday, May 29, 2016

I don't feel like writing to the masses... :D (May 30, 2016)

元気???私は原器だよ!今週はすごくすごかったんだ。なぜなら、実はElder Stevenson が仙台に来たんだ!!!あとGong長老と、山下会長も来ました。私と長老二人と通訳したんだけど、私がStevenson長老の訳をしました。Wow! めっちゃすごい!

(Rough translation: "How are you? I'm doing well! This week was stupendously stupendous. Because, actually Elder Stevenson came to Sendai! Also Elder Gong, and Elder Yamashita [first counselor in the Asia North Area presidency]. Two elders and I interpreted for them, and I got to interpret for Elder Stevenson. Wow! Totally cool!)

Also We got to shake hands with all of them and their wives. And an apostle of the Lord looked at me at the beginning of the talk and said, Thank you, Luke Shimai, because President and Sister Smith and told him beforehand that I was going to translate for him. WAY COOL. President Smith and Elder Stevenson lived in the same missionary apartment, apparently, so that was also way cool!!!

One really neat thing was that for preparation, we all prepared questions that we could ask Elder Stevenson if there was time for that, and the questions I wanted to ask were mostly about working with members and helping members grow in faith and unity because Morioka Shibu has a multiplicity of issues.... but besides the point. Anyway there was no time for questions, but basically all of my questions were answered during the meeting, which was way nice.

Another cool thing was that on Monday evening, we visited a less active and then had a bunch of time to do finding, so we were housing some apartments, since there are a bunch of college kids in Morioka who live in apartments. When it gets later at night, we try to go for places with the lights on, since it's less rude that way. It was about 8:40 and we didn't know where to go, but as we looked around the neighborhood, there was one apartment in particular that caught our eye. So I said, let's go there, and Tanaka S said, I was thinking the same thing. As we got closer it became apparent that we wouldn't be able to do all three floors to get home by curfew, and for some reason President Smith popped into my head like him sharing some missionary's experience at MLC, except for he was sharing our experience and in it, we went to the second floor instead of the third floor. Usually when we do housing, we work our way from the top of the building down; not sure why, but a lot of missionaries do it that way. So I said, hey, I'm not sure why, but I think we should house the second floor. Tanaka S says, I was thinking the same thing.

Half the doors didn't have lights on, we were rejected a few times, but then the last door had a light on, and a girl opened the door and talked with us. The university in Morioka is mostly boys because it's big on science and such, so usually it's boys, but this time was a really nice girl, which was amazing. We talked with her a lot and she told us that she was actually kind of interested in religion. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she said, please come back sometime. The only problem is she's really busy with school and work, but we are really excited to see where that goes. 

Revelation is a real thing! 

I love you!

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