Monday, August 10, 2015

Ramblings of an Exhausted Missionary (Thank Goodness for Preparation Day) (August 10, 2015)

What up, all?

Another cah-razy week in Ishinomaki (yes, it was crazy enough to merit the high school hair-and-makeup-girl spelling of that word). Or rather, not in Ishinomaki... We spent half the week in Sendai for meetings and stuff, it was pretty cool, I guess. :) I also got a package from my cousins, which was way sweet of them, I love you guys!

One thing that I learned this week was about trusting in the Lord.

This week really was a lot of plans falling through and a lot of things going different directions than we planned and a lot of time on buses and sitting in meetings and being completely worn out, but I have learned that it's not about what you can do, but rather what the Lord can do through you. So even though I am rapidly turning into a grandma because being a sister missionary does that to you, and even though the mission is a huge refiner's furnace and each flaw and weakness seems magnified as the Lord molds us into who He needs and intends for us to be, I just want to reiterate, I know that my Redeemer lives. And even though most nights I crawl into my futon feeling like a broken piece of glass, He is the One who somehow carries me through the times I think I'm not strong enough to plan another lesson or another day.

Hahaha I'm exhausted, the heat really tackles you hard here, but I am so, so happy:) Luckily it's supposed to start cooling down in a week or two, and I can do anything the Lord asks me to because it's His work and His strength, I am only an instrument and that's all I could ever want to be.

I like music. I'm not making much sense anymore, so I'mma peace put at this point but know that this work of helping others find happiness is truly the best thing I could possibly be doing right now. I am so blessed.


Pictures: There was a huge festival in Sendai on the day we went to ZTM, so there were a lot of matsuri decorations all over the place. It was SO COOL. Everyone should go tons (to a?) Japanese festival at lesat once in their lives. That's all.

And, my wonderful companion Sister M and I, just another food selfie because that's what we do sometimes. :) She's the best. Tofu and rice because hello! We're in Japan!

Yaaaaay food:)

P.S. (from a separate e-mail)

Hey, being an STL is way hard but also really fun. I have done two splits so far with four to go by the end of this month. The hardest part is not being in our own area as much; this week we went to Sendai for ZTM, MLC for "leaders," and for another split. But, we've also passed out like ten Book of Mormons so far this transfer, which is more than my first four transfers xombined, so that's pretty sweet:)

Bonus photos:

Abe the Barber, Elder's Q (apparently Q is slang for kyuudousha = 求道者 = "investigator" [lit. "person seeking the way"])

It was cool:)

More coolness. Love this towns

You may notice that this photo was posted as a Bonus Photo a few weeks ago. At the time I had no idea what it was or why she sent it. I add it here again, as Lisa has since added the following explanation. And you need this explanation for the new photo below to make sense.

I meant to write that a 兄弟 (brother) in our 支部 (branch of the Church) makes vases each week for sacrament, and this one he told me was inspired by my musical number from a couple of weeks ago, said it sounded like butterflies to him:)

Titled, The Prayer, once again inspired by my musical number with The Poff. Isn't it beautifully

Oh, the irony. The clothing store called Naked Room...?

Our last meal before she went to Odate

Beautiful and terrible.

New companion and President and wife:)

石巻駅 (Ishinomaki Eki [Ishinomaki Station])

On the 電車 (train)

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