Monday, August 17, 2015

The Delivery Guy (August 17, 2015)

Once upon a time, a couple weeks ago, we were trying to contact some Less Active members who lived in a cluster. We arrived in front of an LA man's oddly Spanish-looking home right when a red delivery guy motorcycle was parked in front of it. A delivery guy in the official delivery guy uniform came out of the house, got on the motorcycle, and drove away, and we visited the home. The LA was out, and we sang his wife a hymn and left.

This week: we were trying to visit a particular lady in the cluster of LAs, and she wasn't home. We only an awkward window of time before our next appointment, and unsure of what to do, we said a prayer. After a moment of reflection, my wonderful companion Sister M and I compared notes. I'd felt two particular side roads, and she had felt one that was in agreement with one of mine, so embarked on our journey. Tacky white helmets: check. Skirted sisters on bikes: check. Drink of water so we don't die: check. Bike up a slight incline, turn the corner.


All of a sudden, it looks very, very familiar.

Same empty lot. Same red roof. Same adobe-esque garden wall. Same red delivery guy motorcycle. "Wait a minute..." I said, and my companion said, "Isn't this where that one guy...?" We took that as a sign, skirted sisters off the bike, off with the tacky white helmets, grab a Book of Mormon, and the delivery guy in the delivery guy uniform comes out of the house. He clips on his tacky white delivery guy helmet, looks at us, and asks, "Weren't you here last time, too?"

Us: Yes...

Him: But over there. *points*

Us: Yes...

Long story short, we have a nice little chat about what we do and where we're from, he was like, oh, that's cool, and we gave him that Book of Mormon and he said he would study it then he was off on the delivery guy way on his delivery guy bike.

Yes, the Lord works in mysterious ways.

No, the LA was not home.

But I do know that the Lord places us in the right place at the right time, and if we have to courage to do the right thing, we can bless the lives of others and no, I don't mean just missionaries. :)

Find the right thing to do at the right time and place each day, and you will be blessed.

I love you all!

Always, Sister L:)

Picture: Sister M's first cow tongue, which is one of the famous foods in this part of Japan. (The other famous foods include the edamame paste and ホヤ、which the locals insist is "the pineapple of the sea" but is in reality a really ugly sea creature that mostly tastes like raw fish.)


edamame: soy beans

edamame paste: "Zunda," which she mentioned a few weeks ago in the context of a Zunda milkshake, which she said was "like heavenly choirs falling asleep on a pillow-cloud of deliciousness on your tongue."

ホヤ (hoya): ascidiacea, or "sea squirts." According to the Wikipedia article, "Various Ascidiacea are used as food. Sea pineapple (Halocynthia roretzi) is cultivated in Japan (hoya, maboya) and Korea (meongge). The peculiar flavor is attributed to an unsaturated alcohol called cynthiaol."

Bonus photo:

小西姉妹とFranz君 (Sis. Konishi and Franz [Franz being the name of Lisa's mission violin])

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